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Our achievements in 2019

Dear travellers! We bet your inbox is swamped with end-of-year results from partners and colleagues. But let us just recap how useful we've managed to be in 2019 and congratulate you on the New Year.
Дримсим подводит итоги 2019 года

SIM card for active travellers

We are Drimsim team and we produce the best SIM card for travellers with its own free app.

€ 250 000 giveaways from Drimsim

Every year all travelling Drimsim users get € 250 000 in total. During last three years we gave away € 750 000 to the balances. The bonuses were spent on fast internet, beneficial calls and SMS in 190+ countries. That means you can also use Drimsim for free, if people buy the SIM cards via your referral link.
You share the link via social networks, messengers or by SMS.
Your friend downloads the app, orders the SIM card and tops up for € 25.
Drimsim gives € 7 to you and a friend to the balance.

Drimsim blog

In 2019 we started our blog. We are writing about helpful and interesting things for those who are far from home or just planning to explore the world: go studying abroad, work remotely, have fun for free in London. Our followers know all about roaming and how much the messengers are in roaming.
Write us, if you want to speak up: [email protected].

Newsletters for travellers

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Newsletters for travellers
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DrimVPN — safety online

Handy and fast DrimVPN is available for all Drimsim users. It provides access to any messengers and services in the countries where they may be restricted.
Connection to a public hotspot is partly free. As you pay for it with your personal data, which can be collected once you agree to connect to free Wi-Fi. With DrimVPN you don’t have to worry about it.

Drimsim services and products

It's been more than three years and a half since we sold our first SIM cards. Now we are more than just a SIM card, we are a vast Drimsim ecosystem with services and products for travellers.
What’s next? As usual: more benefits for travellers.

Happy New Year!

Text — Olga Gracheva.
Picture — Shutterstock.
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