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How much are the messengers in roaming?

Any traveler needs the Internet. Viber, WhatsApp, calls, Google maps, social networks — everything you got used to you will need on the way. And as messengers replaced calls and SMS long ago, there is no way without the Internet.
Цены на мессенджеры в роуминге: вотсап, вайбер, фейстайм, телеграм, лайн, фейсбук мессенджер, скайп.
One hour of texting in Euro cents (¢)
How much does it cost to communicate via messengers in roaming?
In most countries 1 MB costs ¢1 with Drimsim.
Let's say, you called and texted for an hour.

 — you've talked for a minute,
 — sent 40 messages and received another 40 messages,
 — 10 photos you received,
 — 5 photos you sent,
 — you also had a one-minute video call.

Let's see how much texting with photos and a minute of video call will cost in different messengers (in Euro cents (¢)).
Texting 0,87
Voice 0,6

This messenger definitely claims to be the lightest
Texting 1,39
Voice 0,2 (the cheapest)
Video 6,7

The most popular messenger for texting, and it has a traffic saving mode.
Voice 1
Video 20

Apple's messenger has a high connection quality by default, which negatively affects traffic.
Texting 6,36
Voice 1,53
Video 5

Disappointingly voracious: ¢6.36 per hour of texting! Video calls start at 5 ¢/min, but this is for minimal quality. Far more expensive for conference calls.
Texting 3,37
Voice 0,5
Video 5

Just like Skype, Viber is focused on calls. It’s too heavy for texting.
Texting 4,14
Voice 0,5

Texting is more expensive in comparison with Viber, but for calls costs are the same.
Texting (Hangouts) 1,6
Voice (Duo) 0,4

Google has plenty of messengers: Hangouts, Duo, Allo, Google Talk, Google Voice. We tried Hangouts and Duo.
Texting 1,59

More popular in Thailand and Japan.
The cost of calls is calculated for the minimum acceptable quality of communication. Video communication in HD quality eats far more traffic.

FaceTime features

When iMessage and FaceTime are enabled on the smartphone, it sends an automatic SMS to the Apple server. This happens every time you lose connection and register again on the network. This is how all Apple devices work, and there is nothing to do with it. Such SMS are also charged for. Though costs are miniscule, you can still disable iMessage and FaceTime in the settings when you travel, and then turn it on again once you return. No data will be lost.
Telegram is the best for texting, and WhatsApp is more profitable for calls. For video calls, it’s better to find Wi-Fi hotspot, especially if it’s a conference video call. To save money, use Viber for videos.

Text — Nikita Andreev,
counts money.
Pictures: Nikita Andreev, Anastasia Surikova, Olga Gracheva.
Editor: Olga Gracheva.
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